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What are your goals for your wealth? Chances are they're multi-faceted and complex. The Gluskin Sheff Foundation for Philanthropy offers an efficient and cost-effective alternative to creating your own foundation.

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Maximize your giving to the charities and causes you care most about. The Gluskin Sheff Foundation for Philanthropy provides peace of mind your gift will receive the highest level of financial and administrative stewardship.

You will experience unparalleled client service and attention while achieving your philanthropic goals. In addition, we offer a wealth of educational materials and events to empower you in building your legacy.

Donate to get started

Donate through our simplified process and receive a charitable tax receipt for the value of your gift.

Invest for growth

Backed by decades of experience, donors will benefit from Gluskin Sheff's 35-year track record in investment management to help you maximize your charitable giving.

Grant to make a difference

You provide recommendations on the charities you would like to support; we're here to guide you every step of the way.


Read more about strategic philanthropy and building your legacy

Year-end tax strategies for giving

The end of the year is known as a time for giving, it not only feels good but can also provide generous high-net-worth Canadians with some tax benefits.

How women are changing giving

Women are becoming a growing force in philanthropy, transforming how and where wealth is donated.

Family engagement, wealth transfer and philanthropy: Debunking being a philanthropist

For many Canadians, donating to charitable organizations isn’t just a way to give back to the community and receive some tax benefits; it’s also an opportunity to develop a giving legacy that can be passed down to future generations.

Applying Care to Capital: How philanthropic advisors help donors connect purpose and planning

As more generational wealth gets created and transferred in Canada, many advisors are helping Canadians give back in ways that are both impactful in their communities and tax-efficient in their portfolios.

Giving across generations: How to find family harmony

For high-net-worth families, educating and involving children in philanthropic planning and giving can help prepare the next generation by fostering financial stewardship and a desire to give back.

Planned giving: How to choose what causes to support

One of the most challenging aspects of planning an individual or family's annual giving is deciding which charities or causes to support.

Strategic philanthropy: How to formulate your giving plan

Thinking about building your philanthropic legacy, but not sure where to start? Whether you have $100,000 or $5 million to donate, developing a strategic plan can help to enhance the impact of your giving, enabling you and your family to build a legacy and achieve your goals.

How to give? Comparing donor advised funds vs private family foundations

There are two main vehicles for Canadians seeking to make significant donations through a foundation structure, rather than directly to a charitable organization: a foundation which administers donor advised funds (DAF), or a private family foundation. Each structure can be fulfilling and tax-effective but have major differences depending on the individual's or family's philanthropic goals.

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